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elysium movie poster
Elysium DVD Release Date: N/A

In the year 2154 two social classes exist, those who have money live in Elysium, a spatial base built by the Armadyne Corporation, people without money live on planet earth, which is in ruins and overpopulated. Citizens of the earth will do whatever it takes to enter the Elysium, in the meanwhile an ex-convict named Max will accept to risk his life on a complicated mission, in which if he succeeds it will bring equality to all human beings.

- Rated: not yet rated
- IMDB Ratings: voting begins after release
- Length/Runtime: 109 minutes
- Genres: Action, Drama, Sci Fi
- Movie Home Page:


- Matt Damon
- Jodie Foster
- William Fichter
- Alice Braga


- Neill Blomkamp


- Bill Block
- Sue Baden- Powell

Official Trailer:

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